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Our Marketing Plan for Sellers

Ventura Beach Realty creates a plan for each of its home selling clients.

  • Your home will be exposed to thousands of agents using the MLS within 24 hours of signing yourlisting agreement as well as millions of people worldwide using the Internet.

  • Each home will be presented in the most professional manner, using multiple digitalphotographs and panoramic virtual tours for all estate properties.

  • Our for sale signs will include not only the agent's phone number, but also an internetaddress where possible.

  • We will use traditional marketing plans including brokers open house, public open houseswith seller's approval, flyers, target marketing, advertising, etc.

  • We will notify your neighbors through traditional means of flyers (direct mail), assomeone living in the neighborhood may know someone personally who wants to move into that area.

  • We will look to obtain a lender's statement that the buyer is qualified to obtain thenecessary financing when their offer is present.



(818) 554-4281


       (818) 554-4281         Info@VenturaBeachRealty.com