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Preparing Your Home For Sale

Let us show you how your home can make a great first impression...

We can help by pointing out simple, cost-effective changes you can make to ensure your home presents optimally to buyers.

There are key things to remember:

  • People understand that you Live in your home, but they do not want a "Lived in" look. They are shoppingfor a "dream home."
  • Most people mentally "move in" with their own furniture, so removing some of your furniture will give them open space to let their imaginations soar.
  • Make sure all basic maintenance is up-to-date - people who see well maintained homes are more likely to form favorable first impressions.

Now let's go into some detail.

The Exterior
Curb appeal is always the most important "first impression." Drive up to your home and note things that could be done to make your home look more appealing to the eye. Consider the landscaping look as well as the lawn and garden maintenance. Could your home's appeal be increased by planting colorful flowers? Consider the condition of the paint on the house and around the window trim and evaluate the condition of the driveway. Remove all the "clutter."

You'll be doing it anyway, so do it before buyers start visiting! The same thing applies to any attics, extra bedrooms, storage closets, etc.

The Interior
Buyers are aware that they are not getting a new home but making them feel that it's "almost new" is very important.

  • Walls - remove peeling wallpaper, patch holes and paint, paint, paint.
  • Floors - Professionally clean all the carpets unless they're too damaged. In that case, replacingthe carpet with new basic carpet will give that "new, cared for look."
  • Refinish or polish all stone and hardwood floors.

Doors and Windows
Doors and Windows should function correctly. Get a handyman to make repairs, if needed.

Place coverings over worn furniture. It is best to keep the amount of furniture in any room to a minimum as it makes the room appear smaller. For instance, clean off coffee and end tables from your living room and start packing some of your pictures and personal items. In the kitchen, start packing many of the items you rarely use, especially if you leave any of them out "on display." It will make it look like you have more storage. Make the kitchen and bathrooms shine.

Start getting rid of any pet odors as soon as possible. Air your home out and make use of air fresheners, etc. Keep your pet's eating area clean.



(818) 554-4281


       (818) 554-4281         Info@VenturaBeachRealty.com